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Foods and Activities to Help Battle Fatigue

Posted by Nirmala N.

I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on specific exercise routines or foods that may help battle fatigue. I don't have a clinical disorder or anything, but I feel that I tend to be a little more low-energy than others. I always get the urge to take naps smack in the middle of the day, even when I haven't done anything that would justifiably make me tired. I have a pretty balanced diet, with lots of lean protein, etc. Any ideas for vitamin supplements, foods, or activities to help fight heavy eyelids?
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Coffee. I know that a lot of people may start screaming when they hear this answer, but starting to drink coffee changed my life. I was always eating right but never seemed to have the energy everyone else did. Once I got that caffeine kick, I was making the most of every day. I'm just saying... However, it can work the opposite as well. Too much caffeine can actually make you tired. I would say go to a nutritionist. Some body chemistries simply need different nutrients than others. A nutritionist can help guide you towards what your body needs.
A few suggestions.... Vitamins are good to help keep your energy and strength up...ask your doctor which might work best for you. To get a boost during the day, I drink green tea, which has antioxidants that will help keep you healthy as well. One way to make it that's healthy for the body (and perfect for the summer) is dipping a few teabags in a large gallon bottle of water and allowing them to soak for a while to release the tea into the water. This way, you can take it with you to work. If you feel constantly tired when you feel like you shouldn't, you may want to see a doctor. Sometimes, fatigue can indicate a thyroid issue. Hope this helps.
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