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Food poisoning and dehydration

Posted by Larissa

This weekend I got food poisoning and was down all Saturday and Sunday. It felt like I had the flu - my body was sore and I was very weak from losing all my nutrients. The pharmacist suggested taking Pedialyte once my stomach was settled. It's found in the baby isle and comes in a few different flavors. After have a cup of Pedialyte (grape flavor), my body aches went away and I started to feel better.
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I am sorry you felt bad! Pedialyte is probably a cheaper version of the anti-nausea medicines I took a few weeks ago. I don't know why the sugars are so magic -- but they are! It makes me wonder how sugars are so bad for us - body, skin - most of the time, but are lifesavers when we have tummy problems.

I once got food poisoning from ordering delivery cream of crab soup from a place you wouldn't order a glass of water from. I remember banging on my neighbor's door, yelling, "Call 911!" and by the time she opened the door, I was passed out cold.

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