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Food for thought or just a ramble you chose

Posted Dec 23 2009 12:00am

I've been thinking about people. The way we are and why we are, the way we are. I was bored in the shower and started thinking. 

Picture yourself in this situation I have written below.
It may be hard if you come from a middle or upper background, a stable loving background, and enriched supportive background.
Instead picture yourself at the worst moment in your life, how did you cope?
What did you do to survive it?
Did you survive it and become stronger, or weaker, nastier, meaner, bitter.
Did you have a supportive family?
Loving friends, were you embraced and guided through.
Or did you fall?

Many years ago a young girl stared at an ugly painted wall.
The room was cold, unfeeling but safe.
What led her to stare at that wall?
A sequence of events.
First she escaped her home wanting help, shelter, kindness, safety.
Instead a Policeman kicked her shins, called her a slut (she was a virgin, not even had a boyfriend) for running away and sent her back home.

Picture her later after many attempts of finding safety in a children's home, she thought she was safe, except a staff member was preying on the girls.
She watched her young friends die, or not survive.

Picture her later when her health declined in  the Hospital system after a injury, where you are assured a caring place.
Except they judged her for being in state care, treated her like a leaper and taught her there really was nowhere safe, she learned that people are unkind and judgemental, that in spite of what people may have done to her she will be forever judged for being a victim, then for being in care.

Picture her later in life when her marriage goes bad and instead of her husband facing the music she is blamed because she "has a past", not because he cheated and screwed up big time.
Then a Doctor leaves her to die and suffer, but again it his her fault because she has a past of abuse....She is closer to forty than 15 years old.
When does it end?

This is the reality for many young people.
This is the reality for many adults who have survived, although it means nothing to many.

Society is forcing those less fortunate to stay where they are at mentally, spiritually, physically through its attitudes, many people feel better when they know there are people less better off than them.
We really are a nasty, self absorbed species.
Everyone copes with life differently.
Some people fall to pieces over things that may appear pathetic to some, however its important to that person as they have led a relatively easy life.

The girl above has had to fight her whole life, so it will take alot for her to fall.
People who have had an easy ride in life tend to look down on those less fortunate and feel superior.
They believe they have a right to judge and condemn those who have had it hard in life.
That's when you hope that karma will step in one day to teach them a lesson in life.

People on lower incomes are judged, yet not everyone with an average or above average I.Q have the same opportunities academically  as those wealthier.

I have seen just as many wealthy people misbehave, not cope, fall apart, they just know how to hide it well or pay for private care. Does it take money to make people nice to one another?

People with disabilities are not stupid either, misfortune has come their way. Don't judge them.

Me, I am judgemental the same as everyone else.
I get arsey when I read about self harmer's, eating disordered people who advertise how they hurt themselves and how others should do it, I wanna rip there heads off and tell them to wake up and grow up.

I get arsey when I see scammers, drug addicts ripping people off, abusive relationships, and people whom hurt others.

I get arsey when I see the great self entitled's who do nothing to help themselves, yet spin stories of woe to ensure their daily handouts.

 I judge the liars and those who cover up mistakes.
I judge those who judge me, because I have been forced to.

However I don't judge those who have walked in hell and forever struggle to pull themselves together.
They are the ones I admire, not sports people or movie stars.
I admire the average joe blog's who have climbed their own Mount Everest and fought their own inner Palestinian war.
I admire the ones who could have followed the foot steps of their parents or carers but don't. 

In times of massive trauma or disaster its the ones who have fought hard most of their lives who are more likely to survive.

I don't judge those who have empathy, understanding, patience, kindness, compassion.
I don't judge the honest and sincere.

I admire people for who they are inside, not what they are, its their spirit and soul that leaves me feeling Pride or Love towards them, not a label.

I respect people who are naturally kind, not forced into being kind because of religion and what it dictates, when in reality beneath the façade they despise and judge those not like themselves.

We need to embrace the good people, it doesn't matter be they rich or poor, colour, creed, race, background, its the good people who really are great.

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