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Posted Nov 17 2008 5:08pm

I've appreciated your feedback about food inspiration and also enjoy the ideas I get in return. So, I thought I'd give you a rundown of this week's food for you to put your own spin on. We have a really sweet indoor winter farmer's market on Saturdays, so that's inspiration day. Incidentally, since this is the first time we have a somewhat predictable budget, we're trying to create a food budget and I'm so curious whether you do this? what your budget is? what you need to prioritize to do it? We'll join a CSA in the spring, but for now we go to the little local co-op and the farmer's market. I find I spend about $80/week at the market (including 2 dozen eggs and usually 2 kinds of meat) and about the same at the co-op. So...$160/week. A lot? A little?

So anyway, home from the market day yields a Saturday batch of veggie soup. Turnips, rutabaga, parsnips, broccoli, canned tomatoes, white beans, parsley, onion, garlic...with noodles and parmesan cheese added at the end. Isn't soup magical?

The meal plan for the week looks approximately like this:

  • Black bean soup, salad with market winter greens, beets and goat cheese, cornbread
  • Enchiladas and rice (These are being made also to bring to a new friend who just had a baby whose son is in school with the children. After being brought such wonderful meals, I love offering the favor in return, if not for those who did it for me, then for those in my neighborhood right now. My friend Ami really raised the bar for me as far as what a nurturing package this can be. So besides the enchiladas and rice and little container of sour cream, I'll include salad, some banana bread, cookies, and maybe some chocolate and drinks, too. Mamas need nutrition and they need some soul food. Maybe some sparkling cider ("kids' wine") for the big brother.
  • Baked potato night (with bacon I stashed from papa's birthday breakfast) and broccoli
  • Chicken thighs with olives, capers, tomato
  • Pizza

I always stash doubles of soups and curries in the freezer for days when I just don't want to deal with dinner, so nothing is set in stone, but it's nice to have a plan, isn't it?

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