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Food Boosters For A Booming Metabolism

Posted Jan 01 2011 10:28am

If you want to lose weight – and who doesn’t – then you need your metabolism to be working as quickly as possible. Weight loss definitely comes down to a simple equation of calories in and calories out, and if you burn more calories then you take in, you will lose weight. But where does this “burning” come from, anyway? It’s your metabolism that does the burning of your calories and your metabolism that decides when to store more fat, so you definitely want it to be on your side when you’re dieting. Many people face a slowed metabolism, however. Stress, lack of sleep, medical conditions, certain medications, and just aging all can make your metabolism get a little bit run down. The good news is that you can grease the wheels of a tired old metabolism by eating certain foods. Fill your diet with foods that light a fire under your metabolism for weight loss success.

Metabolism boosting food number one is red pepper. Your body has to work harder in general to break down any highly spiced food, but hot red peppers really get your metabolism moving because they increase your internal temperature ever so slightly. You can sprinkle crushed red peppers on your food, spike your favorite meals with hot sauce or add sliced red chili peppers to stir fries – anything to add a little spicy flavor to your food. Beware, however: while it is true that adding red pepper to fatty foods increases your body’s ability to burn those calories, you should think adding a dash of hot sauce gives you free reign to eat whatever you like. Calories still count; the red pepper is only a boost.

Another substance that has shown promise in boosting the metabolism is green tea. A material in green tea called EGCG has been shown in laboratory studies to be effective in raising metabolic rate, and when drinking green tea, you can an extra little boost from the caffeine as well. Many diet pill manufacturers have taken to putting EGCG in their diet aids, but you can get a better effect from drinking the tea instead. Green tea is chock full of other healthful properties and won’t give you that jittery feeling that some diet drugs can.

Last but not least, look for so called “negative calorie” foods. These foods take so much energy for your body to digest that you actually end up in a calorie deficit after eating them. In other words, when you eat these foods, not only do the calories not count, but you actually burn up more calories than were in the food itself. It’s like exercising by eating! Negative calories foods are naturally low in calories and high in fiber, like carrots, blueberries, apples, asparagus and grapefruit.

When you’re dieting, learn how to put your metabolism to work for you instead of letting it drag down your efforts. By adding some metabolic boosting super foods to your diet, you’ll get to that healthy goal weight much faster and with a lot less hard work.

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