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Flu Shot

Posted Nov 04 2010 12:45pm

Yesterday I was confronted with the horrible reality that drugs are not without consequences.  Most of the time drugs do not immediate negative impacts on people, but rather it is over a continued use that a patient may experience these negative complications as a result of treating a symptom.  I had a patient yesterday who had a flu shot and had extreme vertigo (dizziness) the following day.  When he questioned the people who gave him the shot if it could cause his vertigo the response was emphatically, “NO.”

Ok, listening to the timeline on what occur, I could not find any other reason or cause of this vertigo.  He did go the emergency room the day before in which a battery of tests were done and came up empty.  Yep, thousands of dollars without an answer.  So today I am warning of the flu shot.  There is little reason to get a flu shot.  The statistics on flu shots do not support getting one.  The statistics on flu shots are always if they prevented DEATH, not prevented the flu.  The idea that a shot loaded with carcinogenic material is a good idea seems outrageous.  Would you take cyanide?  Same thing to me!

Better options for flu preventions are getting adjusted.  Proper spinal alignment is going to keep the immune system health and running efficiently.  Your spine is your life line.  Spinal alignment is important because of our fight to stay upright against gravity.  If your body is not aligned you have to use more energy and nutrition just to stay upright.  This allows for the body to be more susceptible to disease.  Also getting lots of fruits and veggies for the vitamin C content as well as the natural enzymes within.  Stay away from sugar as it challenges the body’s immune system because it is hard to digest.

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