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Posted Dec 23 2008 9:44pm
It appears that people who don't agree with opinions on Med Nauseum have flagged my blog as potential spam. I received a note from Blogger saying that their algorithms had flagged my blog as spam and that a Blogger employee would review my site. So far, no word back from Blogger. Funny thing is that I've been blogging for three years here, and have never been flagged before. I think it was not a spam-bot, but a human being clicking on the "Flag" icon that appears at the top of all Blogger blogs.

I suspect the flagging occurred after I was invited to guest post on MOMocrats. My post Why Do Half of Americans Have Chronic Illness? was featured and it drew a couple angry comments from people not up to date on recent vaccine-autism news. The post was about all the reasons government policies have contributed to this public health crisis where half of us have chronic illness. But, of course some homed in on the small part of the post that mentioned vaccines and blew that up to grander proportions than I intended. The commenters were not familiar with the recent award to the family of Hannah Poling, a case where the government conceded that vaccines did cause her autism. This is the first case of proven "mitochondrial autism." It turns out that if there are others with autism and mitochondrial disorders -- and current studies estimate such disorders affect between 7 and 30% of kids with autism -- there could be as many as 70,000 to 300,000 Hannah Polings. Ouch. That's a big hit to vaccine-autism theories and to the Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund. As David Kirby says, Hannah Poling really does change everything.

Back to flagging. I found out this is not an isolated incident and some bloggers have left Blogger and moved to other blogging platforms due to this problem. Google, who owns Blogger, is actually shutting down both righty and lefty bloggers. Opinions are the essence of blogging. I find this outrageous in a country founded on the right to free speech.

It is exceedingly unfair that anonymous people can flag blogs as "offensive" just because they don't agree with the content. Blogs are all about editorial and opinion. Even so, I do exhaustive research before posting my views and link to published studies. Flaggers, get over yourselves and leave some comments if you disagree. And, Google, please fix this feature so that flaggers must identify themselves - it would save both of us a lot of work.
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