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Five Reasons Iâ??m Not Grateful That I Have Churg Strauss Syndrome

Posted Nov 27 2009 7:09pm

Hi there.


This is Lew Newmark, and here is part of a post from my blog, Lew Newmark: My Domestic Life, a blog that focuses on Churg Strauss Syndrome, an " Auto Immune Disease ", and other releated health issues.

This is a post called  " Five Reasons I’m Not Grateful That I Have Churg Strauss Syndrome" and part of the post is featured below...


Okay, a while ago I had done a five part series titled Five Reasons I’m Grateful I Have Churg Strauss Syndrome.

The reason for this series was to point out that even though you find yourself living with something that can ( and is ) life altering, it doesn’t mean that this ( or any ) disease has to be who and what you are…in other words, having a disease does not have to be a defining factor when it comes to who you are as a person.

But, as I have said countless times…this is a disease and I do have to point out that there are times where I Am Not Grateful To Have CSS, and I thought that I should share the other side of this coin with everyone, and so…

Part One: Neuropathy

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