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Five minutes of my life.....wasted

Posted Oct 23 2008 1:20pm
Setting: Pharmacy God Pharmacy
Monday afternoon, about 4:30
It's a busier than normal Monday, but not overwhelming

Ring, Ring

Tech: Thank you for calling Pharmacy God Pharmacy, Tech speaking.

(A few moments later) Pharmacy God, call for a pharmacist.

PG: This is Pharmacy God, how can I help you?

Caller: Hi, Pharmacy God. My name is Dip Schit with DumbAzz Pharmacy Recruiting Service. We have a couple positions available in a local hospital. Are you interested in hearing more?

PG (remembering his days back in a critical care unit): Sure, where is the hospital located?

DS: I'm glad you asked. It is located in State Capital.

PG: Stop right there. State Capital is over 100 miles away. That's not exactly local.

DS: Oh.....where are you located?

PG: Take a look at your computer screen. Where does it say that you are calling?

DS names Pharmacy God's town.

PG: Do you know where Pharmacy God town is?

DS: No

PG: It's in the corner of the state.

DS: Would you be willing to relocate?

PG: If I wanted to live in friggin' State Capital, I would already be living in friggin' State Capital.

DS: Well, if you know anybody near State Capital who may be interested, we offer a 1000 dollar referral...


Note to recruiters: If there are three counties between me and the location of the job, it is not local. Local means close to me. Hell, even within 45 miles is somewhat local. Half-way across the state- not local. Thank-you.
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