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First say why "damn" blizzard to over and over again

Posted Jan 24 2013 7:41am
Statement: this build is my PTR according to some of the feedback and patch modification content design, testing, familiar with the four hours or so finally determined, need equipment foundation, not for introduction to the mage. I don't have time and redundant equipment to the lower detection equipment, I can only ensure me this attribute sure can use, and very at ease. Don't say what all this attribute the how to play anything, I also from the pure snake snow kite a little bit of saving money in equipment gradually transformation, an office worker, do not spend money soft younger sister every day, fixed 1-2 hours just.

First say why "damn" blizzard to over and over again and "infinite ice" a hard time, this is because "infinite ice" at the same time have two development unit to accept characteristics: first, the threshold low, millions of (104 or less) can in A3 brush to flawed equipment of good and bad just reflected in strange early death a few seconds, a few seconds later died, hang a few times, less hang a few times, to improve the player to change equipment desire (for us and European clothing cash AH is a fee, you understand); Second, the blame is almost the entire journey control, barbarian run cool is abnormal, but so strange is the output damage, release skills, and infinite ice? The whole in a frozen state, blizzard allow mage with critical strike brush CD, but now see can't accept blame is process control. However, blizzard frequently use adjusting trigger coefficient such direct way to decide a skill of life and death, there is really no deserves to be praised.

Roughly is usually with high energy form and the lawmakers, meets the difficult task of elite or fault condition, use living lightning + point by wind is a whirlwind brush CD transition. Just a few days playing some equipment sold 1 e +, he replaced a few pieces of equipment, attribute can ascend to this condition:
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