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Finding Urinary Incontinence Products that Work for You

Posted May 27 2010 11:06pm

If you find that you are experiencing urinary incontinence , it is always recommended to discuss the problem with your doctor or health professional as they are best placed to determine the precise cause of the condition.

As well as searching for a cure for your urinary incontinence , you are also likely to look for dependable, urinary incontinence products to help you manage your condition and avoid any potentially embarrassing situations.

When looking for incontinence products , as well as pants and pads, and you will also see skincare products that will keep the skin stay healthy by preventing rashes and irritation.

If unsure what product types would be most suitable for you then seek advice, either from a healthcare professional, a product manufacturer or an Incontinence specialist such as Allanda , all of whom should be well versed with the multitude of different products for odour control and skin protection , pads and pants, and also beyond that their user-friendliness and comfort.
Hopefully after this you will have a good starting point , and as you evaluate different urinary incontinence products by trying them for yourself then you will determine what features and aspects are most important for you. If a product works for you and is comfortable then try it over a longer period to be sure, if not, then determine what aspects you aren’t satisified with and find another product or brand that looks like it will better meet your own specific needs until you find the best product for you.

There are many different types of incontinence products so it is important to have an open mind and consider all options initially. You may well discover that different products are more suitable for different activities in your day. For example, washable incontinence pants may be fine for wearing during the day, whilst at night the extra absorbency of a disposable product is needed. At night, a waterproof mattress cover may also be needed as well for extra security.

If you use disposable pants or pads, change them regularly, well before they are full, to avoid skin chafing and rashes developing. It is really recommend to change a disposable pad as soon as it is soiled.

Washable incontinence pants often look similar to normal underwear but generally contain a built in pad, and have a reinforced waterproof crotch. The built in pads are constructed from special fabric that helps to wick wetness away from you keeping your skin dry and healthy. This type of underwear is generally worn without a pad. For extra protection at night you can use waterproof pants over disposable or washable products, however if you are using the right disposable product this shouldn’t be necessary.

When you are in the process of seeking out the right incontinence products for your needs, Allanda can assist you in finding the perfect products for your situation. You can purchase various sample packs designed for specific levels of incontinence which will give you a great idea of what product types are available and find which ones you suit you.

You might prefer the ease of use and hygiene of disposable urinary incontinence products , or you may prefer the cost advantages of washable incontinence products . Like many people you might even find that a combination of different types of urinary incontinence products suits you most.

Whatever the solution to your needs, we are here to help you discover it.

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