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Female incontinence ‘not a normal part of ageing’

Posted Nov 29 2011 3:03pm
Incontinence Products for Women

Issue Codes Incontinence Products for Women

Women should be aware that female incontinence is “not a normal part of ageing” and can often be avoided or managed with the correct lifestyle changes and treatment, it has been claimed.

Dr Lonny Green, director of Virginia Women’s Continence Centre in the US, insisted that the majority of women do not have to live with incontinence .

Speaking during National Bladder Health Awareness Week in the US, Dr Green explained that women can get treatment and advice by speaking with a specialist in female urology.

“We see a large number of patients who have dealt with pelvic dysfunction and incontinence for years,” Dr Green revealed.

“Often, these issues could have been avoided – if not improved – with awareness and proper treatments.”

Figures suggest that 13 per cent of UK women are affected to some extent by urinary incontinence , although many of these have only mild symptoms and can manage their condition effectively with products such as Tena Lady .

The vast majority of cases of urinary incontinence are either stress or urge incontinence, both of which may respond to conservative treatments, such as lifestyle changes and bladder training.

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