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Feeling the heat

Posted Jun 28 2010 12:00am
It hasn't been the greatest day of my life so I will keep this short and sweet. The hot weather is a blessing and a curse. Great with a cool breeze but awful in smoggy London. My breathing has become really laboured and it just wears me out together with being very busy. I do need to remember that my lung function is limited and so I need to look after the gift I have so so much.

This evening I flaked out on my hammock and stayed there...for hours as I could not and would not move. Exhaustion is terrible and the days when I skip a nap I really pay for big time!

I need to do a major stock check of my medication as I know its well overdue. Its a little labourious going through my entire medicine cabinet and bag but it prevents any problems and means I am in control. It isn't a task that I delegate as it is too complicated. I am on quite a substantial amount of medication due to the many diseases I seem to have collected over the past couple of years but it doesn't bother me much. A little rattling everyday isn't all that bad...

I am feeling bit down too as I'm sad to hear my friend Tor is still waiting for her lungs and its getting very tiring for her. She is an amazing fighter and campaigner...I hope she gets her call real soon. Its National Transplant Week starting 4th July 2010 so hopefully there will be a lot of people signing up and really helping to give life to the many people waiting for an organ transplant.

Clinic went well last week and I met a lovely doctor from the transplant team. He was so informative and seemed really interested in my case citing it as unique and making medical history. It was particularly good for me to remember how seriously poorly I was that my lung function was unrecordable before I had my transplant and was not much better when I first came round from the operation. To think I'm here today with all my multiple organ problems is just amazing really. My very good friend P came with me and she was such a great support. We had a great girly night and then clinic in the morning. She was just fabulous in every way! I was telling them all about Croatia and how me and the little portable oxygen concentrator got on super on the flight.

Reflecting on the journey for my mum has really moved me lately. I cannot fathom how difficult and traumatic it must have been. She is the most amazingly strong woman I know and I would not be here if it wasn't for my beautiful mum.
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