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feel severe pain of my left side at my back, numbness of my left arm and difficult in breathing.

Posted by Ador

Doctors, kindly enlight me please about the result of my MRI CERVICAL SPINE. Conclusion for the MRI result is MULTIPLE DEGENERATIVE DISC BULGES / PROTRUSIONS, DETAILS AND EFFECTS AS MENTIONED below:

-Reduce T2 signal intensities of the scanned certvical discs with posterior marginal osteophytosis with spondylo-degenerative changes.

-C6-7 left paracentral posterior focal dics protrusion indenting the corresponding anterior subarachnoid space and compromize the preforaminal   and foraminal segments of the corresponding nerve root. The latter effect is augmented by hypertrophied left uncinate process.

-C4-5 right foraminal dics/osteophyte complex compromizing the right nerve root.

-C3-4 and C5-6 mild diffuse disc bulges with no significant neural compromize.

-Normal MRI appearance of other   intervertebral foraminae and exiting nerve roots.

-Normal signal intensity of the visualized part of the spinal cord, thecal sac, and CSF sifnal.

-Normal craniocervical junction.

No paraspinal mass lession detected.   


My doctor said that nothing is serious about the results and he prescribe me the ff: LYRICA 150mg,CELEBREX 200mg, RISEK 40mg and SIRDALUD. However,I feel more pain at the left side of my back, numbness of my left, arm,difficult in breathing. Should I be worried and go another medication? PLEASE HELP.

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