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Favorite Essential Oils For The Manly Men

Posted Nov 21 2010 6:14pm

What man would not love the idea of a nice massage? However, you have to be careful when indulging your man with essential oils. Whether used in aromatherapy to scent the home or used in a massage, your manly man, probably will not appreciate the floral and fruity smells that you like. You have to go beyond the “girly” scents and look for the ones that are masculine. After all, you would not like to have you man go around smelling like flowers either, would you? If you are ready to indulge your man in a little essential oil, then consider the following “manly” scents.

When reading the list of masculine smelling essential oils, it is important to remember that everyone has a unique sense of smell. What works for one man, may be hated by another. Get a few different scents and try them out. When you have found one or two that your man likes, remember that and use it often. Whether you use these essential oils alone with carrier oils for a massage, put a few drops in the bathwater or use them in lotions and cr

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