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Eye pain, repeatedly changing powers

Posted by Dr

Every time I visit the doctor and the powers of my glasses are adjusted, I see very clear for a few weeks then it goes back to like before — I see clear but not very clear. It remains that way till I visit the doctor again and my powers are readjusted, and the same sequence happens. Do I have anything more serious than a myopia?

Please note that my powers are : LE : -2.75sph -0.75cyl, RE : -1.5sph -0.5cyl

Also, my left eye has a dull pain almost 24 hours. It doesn't blur my vision or I don't see floaters, but there's a pain all the time. Sometimes its intensity increases but still remains mild. What is the cause, and what is the solution? Is this something serious, like uveitis? RD? I'm really worried. 

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