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Extrinsic Small Bowel Obstruction

Posted May 08 2009 11:39pm
An interesting article I found. Firstly below is noted the symptoms versus treatment plan. Here is also another article on the treatment and diagnosis of Small Bowel Obstruction.

Partial vs Complete
• Flatus
• Residual colonic gas
above peritoneal
• Adhesions
• 60-80% resolve with
non-operative Mx
• Must show objective
improvement, if
none by 48h
consider OR
• Complete obstipation
• No residual colonic
gas on AXR
• SBFT may
differentiate early
complete from highgrade
• Almost all should be
operated on within
24 hours.

I was re operated on Two weeks from the time of symptoms starting, and one week after C.T diagnosis. I had no form of nasal gastric suction, which would have relieved some distension and vomiting, because my plea's of some sedation to tolerate insertion of a nasal gastric tube were denied. They reply was always "We don't do that". Yet someone having a Gastroscopy or under special circumstances can receive some form of sedation. I did have special circumstances.

I have been trying to find any information which suggests that making a patient eat with an Ileus will resolve the situation. So far I have found nothing. Yet I was bullied into eating for the duration of my Bowel Obstruction. I never saw a Bowel/General surgeon either during my sojourn.
I believe the only thing that kept me going was my kids, inner strength, and T.P.N feeding to balance out my declining electrolytes. The whole time I felt unheard, and was made to believe the whole debacle was from my own doing.
I was neglected and abused while suffering from a Bowel Obstruction for two weeks, it was torturous on top of the major surgery I had already had.

Next week my new surgeon and I are to discuss more options regarding surgery for the stone and revision of stoma. I am nervous, I am scared, it has bought up my fears due to my horrific experiences once again.

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