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Extra fat in inner thigh - soreness, tenderness.

Posted by plmellott

I've noticed that my inner thighs are tender to the touch when I press down on them. It's like an internal bruise, it starts above the knee and goes mid-thigh. This is also an area where fat tends to store up.  I've had this for awhile and was wondering if it's because of the extra fat. Is this normal? 
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Check out Chinese theory of how the mind-body works. I don't personally know much, but have benefitted from acupuncture, acupressure and chi gung exercises.  Having had exactly the problem you describe (excess fat on inner thighs, with soreness/tenderness), I was told separately by several alternative med professionals those are classic symptoms of "spleen chi deficiency" and "kidney yin deficiency"...meaning, in regular person talk, you could have one or more "electrical" routes in your body that don't optimally transport energy. I'm no expert, so cannot say for certain, but I benefitted from the following:

less sugar/carb intake and more protein & veggie intake

increased water intake (never cold water -- room tempertaure or warm instead)

increased low-weight bearing exercise (like pilates, yoga, gyrokinesis, gyrotonic, kettle bells) 

decreased cardio exercise (careful as you go, I was doing too much rather than too little...I suppose if you're not doing much, docs would say to increase cardio)

The professionals who helped me comented the problem was most likely nutritional and stress related, not so much exercise related. I was not advised to exercise my inner thighs any more or less than I had before, which was surprising & interesting. Following the advice as given (along with some help from acupuncturists & acupressurists to directly stimulate some "trigger" points for electricity/energy), I lost a good bit of the fat in that area (not all of it, but that's ok) and don't notice the tenderness anymore at all. 

That stuff is all really complicated, and you may or may not find it credible (I was skeptical), but my experience with Chinese medicine has been good.  Hope this helps a little. 

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