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Expert provides tips on managing incontinence-associated dermatitis

Posted Nov 04 2011 1:32pm
Incontinence Accessories and Hygiene

Issue Codes Incontinence Accessories and Hygiene

Incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD) is a problem that may occur if faecal or urinary incontinence in older people is not carefully managed.

Writing in the November issue of McKnight’s Long Term Care News, an expert has provided some useful advice on how to deal with the problem, which can cause great distress to sufferers without prompt treatment.

Susan Wickard, clinical advisor at the American Association for LTC Nursing, explained that the condition occurs when the skin becomes inflamed and irritated – and occasionally blistered – as a result of prolonged exposure to moisture from urine or faeces.

People who are affected by the condition – which was previously known as diaper or nappy rash – often describe a burning or stinging sensation and many complain of pain.

Ms Wickard noted that a significant proportion of residents in long-term care facilities are affected by adult incontinence .

This makes it important that carers know how to identify and treat incontinence-associated dermatitis.

“An important part of managing incontinence-associated dermatitis in the elderly is to prevent or minimise the exposure to urine and stool,” the expert wrote.

“Assessing and identifying the causes of incontinence will assist you in addressing IAD.”

Ms Wickard also revealed that moisturising products and skin protectants should be used to care for the skin and prevent irritation.

People with delicate skin may want to try Tena Wash Cream , which is designed to cleanse, restore and protect the skin.

The product is ideal for regular cleansing and does not require rinsing or drying, making it particularly useful for people with mobility problems.

Another product in the range is the Tena Wash Glove , which combines the gentleness of a cloth with the convenience of a glove.

This makes it easy to use with Tena Wash Cream and people can even use the gloves to clean their whole body

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