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Expert discusses different types of urinary incontinence

Posted Sep 22 2011 2:47pm
Incontinence Products for Women

Issue Codes Incontinence Products for Women

There are two main types of female urinary incontinence , each of which has different symptoms and causes, according to Mark Slack, head of urogynaecology at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

Speaking on a recent edition of BBC Radio 4′s Woman’s Hour, Mr Slack told presenter Jenni Murray that the symptoms a woman experiences will give an indication of the type of female incontinence she has.

He revealed that the two conditions affect women in “completely different” ways.

“People with stress incontinence don’t go frequently to the loo, they can hold on if they need to. But when they have an exertion – cough, sneeze, jump, running – they leak, and usually quite a small amount,” the expert explained.

“People with overactive bladder go frequently all the time. They need to go ten, 12, 13 times a day. If they need to go they can’t wait; if they get a delay getting to the loo they often have an accident and will leak – often quite large amounts, they can empty their bladder completely.”

Mr Slack said that overactive bladder can be a “really distressing condition” as sufferers often have to get up several times during the night.

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