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Exhaustion at days end.

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:16pm
There is a point I seem to reach quite frequently here. It is the point of exhaustion, of being really overwhelmed.

Just talking to people in the office, trying to figure out the politics of a given situation (or my organization in general!) Trying to manage personal relationships, being sensitive to everyone and cultural differences. Trying to be diplomatic when I ask for work to do. Trying to figure out who is my ally and who is not at the office when everyone is so culturally closed. Watching every word out of my mouth. The heat. The lack of computer, lack of resources, lack of information, lack of support professionally.

And so, tonight Melissa and I will go out for Italian food at a little place near our house. It is our weekly celebration at Sole Luna. I'm going to have a big pizza and some fanta. Fanta is a great stress reliever.

And I did check with someone at the office - you can't eat in public, people will just laugh at you! So it's true!

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