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Exercising when recovering form injury.

Posted by Swati S.

Getting into an exercise routine is difficult by itself, but it gets even harder if you are recovering form an injury. But, it is also the one time when your body needs it the most, as the right exercise will help you to recover faster. These tips will help you to get going -- and to stay that way. 1. Think of the exercise time as a doctor's appointment that you cannot miss. This will help you take it more seriously and make you stick to it. 2. When your body is recovering from an injury, it is still weak. So select a time for the exercise that suits your body. For example, if you feel drowsy in the morning because of the medicines, then try to workout in the afternoon or evening. 3. It always helps to have a partner to stick to a routine. 4. If you don't have the energy, or the time to do the entire routine, do at least part of it. But try not to skip it altogether. 5. Be realistic, and don't give up, even if you are unable to stick to the routine. Keep at it and it will become easier as you go along. 6. Finally, very important -- make sure you check with a doctor so that the exercise does not hurt your body.
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