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Exercises For Tennis Elbow

Posted May 14 2010 4:58am

Tennis elbow is a condition in which the outer part of the elbow has pain and becomes tender. This occurs due to frequent use or excessive strain. The following exercises have to be performed to rehabilitate the elbow.


One who suffers from tennis elbow should concentrate on gentle Stretching exercises. Those exercises which increase the range of movement in Wrist Flexion, Wrist Extension and Wrist Rotation ought to be done. The arm should be straight and elbow extended. Each stretch must be held for twenty to thirty seconds. The muscles should relax during the stretch. These exercises must be done minimum two times in a day. The stretching done must be upto a point of comfortable motion. One of the exercises is the Forearm Flexors. Another is the Forearm Extensors. To stretch the forearm extensors is very crucial to attain an entire range of motion and alignment in tissue repair. In the first stretch, the arm has to be extended by keeping the palm of the hand towards the floor. Then, the hand has to be pulled upwards in the direction of the forearm. In the second stretch, the hand has to be pulled downwards in the direction of the underside of the forearm. If the second stretch seems to be painful, bend the arm to decrease the intensity.


In the Strengthening part, the exercises to be performed are Wrist Flexion, Wrist Extension and Forearm Pronation / Supination. Start with a very light weight. The optimum weight is a one pound Dumbbell. At the beginning, practice ten movements in a row. This procedure has to be repeated three times. As the days pass, this action will become easy. Then, the number of repetitions can be raised to fifteen. When these repetitions are felt comfortable, enhance the weight. It has to be kept in mind that the muscles and ligaments are to be worked, only as far as the movement is comfortable. These exercises raise the strength and endurance of the muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Isometric exercises

A tennis ball is placed in the palm of the hand and compressed. It is held in the compressed state for a moment and then released. In the rubber band exercise, a band is held at the fingertips. At the beginning, the fingers are extended outwards. This position is held for some seconds. Then, the band is released. These exercises have to be done twice a day.

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