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Exercise reduces low back pain after disk surgery

Posted Oct 08 2008 7:31am 1 Comment - Lumbar spine (lower back) surgery is a common treatment for a herniated or “slipped” disk, and patients need to know whether it is better to sit still or get moving during their recovery period. An updated review from the Netherlands suggests that exercise programs starting four to six weeks after the operation could lead [...]
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I am 47 years old. I had disc surgery 2 years ago with disc L4-L5 it seamed to be great after the surgery. I keep having muscle spasms so bad i cant sit walk or lay but after having 4-5 massage treatments it goes away for a few weeks. I am in fairly good shape weight wise but my stomach muscles are not like they use to. I use to be very athletic to. The pain and symptoms are usually in the lower back, and to explain the symptoms is like I can barely wash my face at a sink, I cant seam to get low enough and hold myself up at the sink. Also my hips get very tight and makes it hard to walk. Always have tight leg muscles and when this happens I get sharpe pains in my crotch area to.

What exercises can I do to reduce this pain from occuring?

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