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Exercise Drills To Strengthen Thigh Adductors Groin

Posted Dec 22 2010 2:40am

Importance of thigh Exercises

Exercises tighten the thigh muscles also known as the adductors. One should select the right thigh exercises that are suitable and give you the proper results. One needs to follow the right thigh exercises not only for toning up and strengthen the thighs but also to burn the unwanted fat deposited in the thigh region. There are a few effective exercises for the thigh muscles. These exercises that will affect the thigh muscle groups include the hamstrings, which are placed at the backside of your thigh. The hamstrings stretch from the back of the knee up to the butt and basically used to bend the knees. The groin muscles help in bringing the thighs together. The quadriceps located in front of the thighs that will help one in straightening the knee. The hip flexors in the front portion of the pelvic region that helps one to raise the thighs. Only the right and the proper thigh exercises will work on all the muscles in the thigh region resulting in burning the fat, toning and firming.

Exercise drills to strengthen thigh adductors Groin

There are a few exercises that are helpful in strengthening the thigh adductors groin. One of the best ways is to visit a gym and use the thigh adduction machine. Thigh adductors help one to control the legs by limiting excessive abduction of the thigh during running and this is the reason it is essential to strengthen the specific action. All you have to do is draw an outline on the surf board on the floor, grass anywhere on the ground which helps you in keeping the body in the correct position for the exercises. One of the exercises is, firstly you have to squat by placing the upper portion of your body facing forward and the feet pointed in the correct directions on the boards clock. The left foot has to be pointed at the two o clock and the right foot should be in a three O clock position. The entire body should be relaxed while the hips and knees have to be slightly bent. This helps in stretching all the five key adductors in the right leg.


Only a few thigh exercises suitable for the thigh muscles will be helpful in toning, firming and burning the body fat. One must be careful while doing the thigh exercises and it should be done slowly and in a controlled manner in order to avoid any injury. These exercises must be done under a certified personnel trainer who would guide one with the proper techniques of thigh exercises. The most important factor to be remembered is one should exercise for only the thigh muscles and nothing else.

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