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Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)

Posted Nov 26 2008 11:20am 3 Comments
The mad scientist/researcher is coming out again in me....this personality overtakes and consumes my thoughts for hours or even days at a time. This is just my own personal beware!

I noticed in my last set of bloodwork that I have an elevated EBV titer of 7.6. I didn't have a clue to what this I brought out my husbands old medical books. Turns out this is the virus that causes Mononucleosis. Did I have Mono or did I have it in past??? I did more research and found out that people with Sjogrens Syndrome tend to have an elvated EBV titer. Interesting....

Then I stumbled across a few studies that were trying to come to the conclusion that EBV may cause Sjogrens Syndrome and it does say that there is evidence indirectly.

The virus infects the immune B cells and multiplies in the salivary glands and surface tissues of the nasal and throat passages. After the initial infection, the virus remains dormant in the host's body, that is, exists without being infective. EBV can stimulate the production of autoantibodies, which are abnormal immune proteins directed against the body's own tissues and cells. Various lines of evidence suggest that EBV may be involved in the development of two autoimmune disorders, rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogren's syndrome.

Hmmmm....I am just wondering.

Anyone have anything to add to this? I wonder if there are any current studies going on about EBV and Sjogrens or other autoimmune disorders.....
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I don't know much about Sjogren's, but I do know that EPV is being pretty definitely connected with MS. Many people with MS have earlier had EBV, or at least have had the virus swimming around in their systems without knowing it.  It seems that EBV doesn't actually go away after one recovers from mono, but kind of migrates up to the brain and just sits there, waiting to be activated in a new way-like the onset of multiple sclerosis. 
Actually, according to the famous Dr. Goldstein, a brilliant neurologist who is no longer with us, stated that EBV stays in the brain stem.  Antibiotics have an anti-inflammatory nature and Dr. Goldstein wrote a paper on this which was way ahead of his times in medicine.  I wonder if the anti viral qualities of certain indigenous herbs on the American continent (especially the rain forest herbs) and Chinese herbs might help boost the immune system as well as serving as an anti-inflammatory.  I have a feeling that the synthetic antibiotics aren't good for the immune system and that herbs that are mixed knowledgeably may be the best response to latent EBV infections which theoretically can cause neurologic infections as well as systemic infections.  Add EBV to all the other latent infections and vaccines and it probably isn't surprising that depression, eating disorders, MS, etc. wax and wane according to the strength of the immune system, hormonal balance (especially diminution of estrogen just prior to menses) much to think about and hope for sound management of some very vexing illnesses.
i can tell you of my personel experience not really a scientific study. last year i moved into a house that was infested with mold. we vacated the house as soon as i discovered this. 3 years earlier i had dealt with the same thing and reconized the symptoms rather quickly. unlike the previous time antibiotics, predisone and lliving in a mold free environment didnt make me feel any better. i actually got alot worse. i'll list just some of the major symptoms but i know i'll forget alot of them. in addition to having no enrgy at all sleeping for days at a time, waking in the morning crying in pain because my whole body was so swollen and stiff. my skin was a bluish color i had severe episodes of raynauds, bells palsy , my occipital node the size of a softball. unequal pupils, complete hearing loss in  one ear ,constant dizziness, speech impairment, loss of depth perciption, night blindness, constant aching in my neck and 5 different headaches all at the same time that still hasnt let up. brown urine that smelled like metal and the list goes on. but of all these what scared me the most was my mental state. i would forget whole conversations mid sentence. stay spaced out. couldnt comprehend everyday conversation. couldnt remember family members names. putting shoes in the dishwasher forgetting where i was driving to and not remember how to get to my grandmothers home. i'm 31 and she has lived there my whole live. i have pictures and friends and family who accounted for all of this. though my doctors observed alot of it as well. so what do the doctors say? well my general doctor tested for lupus,autoimmune, thyroid, lyme, ra, and a cbc. the results came back and my dr said on paper i am the absolute perfect picture of health all the way across the board with the exception on my ebv positive. my opthamologist noted a decline in my vision and referred me to the neuroligist after observing extreme escapism in my left pupil. the neuro ordered a mri that showed a prominent cavum septum pellucidum on no clinical significance. told me to see a rheumotologist. well thats where i'm at now. i have no insurance so ive had to pay out of pocket for all this so im trying to figure out how to finance my next doctors visit. its been almost a year now and nothing has improved. i went from a perfectly healthy 31 year old female to leaving every minute in discomfort and pain. and noone can tell me why ive just stopped living and have become a prisoner in my home constantly in pain. its like im a ghost in my own life. well anyways thats what i know about epstein barr. if you can make sense of it i would love to hear you imput . thanks.
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