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Enlarged Lymph Nodes in Stomach

Posted by parker19341


 I had my son (17) to the ER last night for belly pain/ever (100.6).  After a examination and Xray & CT scan...they saw that his Lymph Nodes in his stomach were enlarged..which is what is causing his stomach to be tender.  The only thing they said was this was due to a Viral Infection.

He has been having this pain since Saturday...should I be concerned, or just let it run it's course?  He is taking 600mg Motrin for the tenderness.


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Messanteric lymphadenitis is often confused with appendicitis because the complaints and symptoms are often the same. It will "run its course" but if the symptoms persist or his condition worsens he should be seen again.
My son also 17 was seen for the same smyptoms but also was vomitting.  I was also told that the cause was viral.  My family doctor was quite concerned and has ordered repeat bloodwork as well as a cat scan (repeat).  What else could cause these symtoms.  She said that Lymph nodes in young people are always a cause for concern.  Upon examination lymph nodes in his neck are also swollen but no sore throat.  (three days after hospital visit).
My son also went to the doctors with the same symptoms.  My son is only eight.  The first time I took him to the doctor, the doctor said that he had the start of an ulcer. He said that the pain was right at the beginning of his small intestine which is not in the right location for his appendix.  He was given medication which didn't help.  I took him back and the doctor ordered a CT to be done.  The doctor said that the test results showed that my son has swollen lymph nodes in his stomach.  (something that I have never heard of before)  He said it is like having a cold in your stomach and that it will go away within 2-3 weeks.  My son is still in pain off and on.  Have you ever heard of this?
My son is eight and has dealt with the stomach pain, swollen lymph nodes in his stomach also. He has had a CT scan, that showed the swollen lymph nodes, he has also had an ultrasound that was normal. The family doctor first said a viral infrection, I then took him to the peditrician and they said a bacterial infection, we are a month into it and it still hurts just as bad as the first day. They are still running test on him and are talking about sending him to a childrens hospital. If anyone gets any info please post so I can ask our doctor if it might be the same thing. His symptoms are only the belly pain around his belly button and the swollen lymph nodes in his stomach.
My daughter is now 19 and has had these lymph nodes growing rapidly in her belly. She noticed them about a year ago, and Drs. act like its no big deal. We've had different Drs. and the last one is going to do a biopsy and take the large ones out of her belly and have them sent to the lab. She said hers cause pain, discomfort, shortness of breath, and now can not sleep on her belly!
My ten yers old son has been found to have two enlarged  precaval lymph nodes in para aortic region, found by ultrasound. They were 20 x 9 mm and 25 x 7 mm in size. His blood test indicated some infection and his skin test came out normal. He was given a five days course of antibiotics. Doctor advised us to get his abdominal ultasound done after 4 to 5 weeks. Meanwhile, advised to control diet of my son as symptoms first showed up in the form of tummy pain caused due to improper eating habits. 

Hi All,

Just recently my daughter who is 9 is going through all this - stomach pain, enlarged lymphnodes in stomach...and we are having her tested for tuberculosis...u also get the sae..get the montoux test done and also consult a specialist.

take care 



I am 19 years old and I have been having stomach pains and my dr thought it was gall stones so i had an ultrasound and it was negative but it showed my liver was enlarged. I ended up in the ER for stomach pain and they did a CT scan which showed my liver was not enlarged anymore but now my lymph nodes were enlarged and they said I have mesentric adenitis. My white blood cell has been elevated and in the ER it was at a 16. I have been reading online about cancer and I am very scared. If anyone knows what is going on could you please help?

I have a 7 yr old boy how they have found the enlarged lymphs in his belly as well. The cancer specilasit which we just recently seen feels that it might be caused from cat scratch fever. Has your child been aorund a cat? might me something to look into to.
I have a 7 yr old boy how they have found the enlarged lymphs in his belly as well. The cancer specilasit which we just recently seen feels that it might be caused from cat scratch fever. Has your child been aorund a cat? might me something to look into to.
I was just randomly searching the web. I don't know how long ago you put up that your son was sick with the enlarged lymph nodes but I had them last month or the month before. I know how it feels. I couldn't even really eat. I hated it. I went for a CT and that is how they found the enlarged lymph nodes, so my doctor sent me to get a colonocopy done. By the time it was time for that test I was feeling better. I had it for at least a month. I guess you would just let it pass. It also depends on the size. If it is too big he will have to have surgery to remove it.

Thank you for another fantastic posting. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a perfect way of writing? I have a speech next week, and I was looking for more info ;)

This is really great! I am hoping to read more helpful articles from you. Thanks!

I was in hospital for a week just over a month ago with the exact same thing. I had a fluctuating fever plus terrible pain that only morphine could stop for 3-4days. Was only allowed a liquid diet for a week and I had blood tests, CT scans, Ultrasounds, Colonoscopy and an Endoscopy and still was only diagnosed with viral infection. I found that going to the toilet to prep for the colonoscopy made me feel a lot better, however I had samples sent away to rule out coeliac disease and luckily it wasn't that ether. Just a viral infection apparently.
Mono is the cause of such symptims in me.  I just had a ct scan yesterday and they did a mono test.  It's PAINFUL to have swollen glands in your belly.  But yes, I was told it must run i ts course.
My daughter was just released from the hospital today. She has severe Crohn's Disease. She was having stomach pain & also bloddy, tarry stools. They did an upper GI on her and found that she also has swollen nodes in her stomach. They took biopsy's, now the wait. They told her that this goes hand in hand with the Crohn's. Before she was diagnosed she was constipated, then started vomiting, even water. She had lost 30 #'s in a month in a half. It was terrible. Thanks to Dr. Fyda at Akron Children's we finally got a diagnosis. She is now 22 & living in the Syracuse NY area. I hope they are as good as ACH.
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