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Enlarged Lymph Nodes- Almost two months

Posted by beccabootrout

Hello Everyone,

I am a 19 year old female and I have been healthy all my life, until the past two months. It all started on July 24th, 2011. I was at work when the pain started and I thought it was just from being on my feet all day. I ended my shift went home and was still having pain, that next morning my pain was getting worst and I went to the ER, they ordered a CT scan and blood work. I also was  put onto a EKG because my blood pressure was 155/100. The EKG came out normal but my CT scan came back with swollen lymph nodes around my intestines. They put me on an IV with fluids and pain medicine. They ended up saying that I had  Messanteric lymphadenitis, which would run it's course. They told me to come back if it got worse. Needless to say I have been back to the ER 2 more times. I have had a total of 3 CT Scans, 3 Ultrasounds, and  mutiple bloodwork done. Today I had a CT scan with Dye to determine what is wrong with me. My doctor wants to test me for lymphoma. I have been researching this cancer for some time now, it seems I have most of the symtoms I'm fatigued, change in stool, dizzy, itchy, can't lay on my stomach, night sweats, etc. I constantly have a lower grade fever from 99.3 and up, and my white blood cell count is normal to high range.  I am bloated and in a lot of pain.  I am not the same 19 year old i was two months ago. If anyone has imput  they would like to give me, please feel free to tell me. I feel like this is taking over my life.

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Hi...I'd go ahead and get the testing for lymphoma.  Better to know than not know as there are some effective treatments if that's what it is.  Nothing else seems to be showing up with the testing you've had already.
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