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Endocrinologist Visit - TSH Up. Higher Synthroid Dose

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:00pm
I was at the VA for my 6 month endocrinologist appointment and had lipids drawn in the morning for a second time because they were high the last time I had blood drawn. Not sure why, but the number jumped WAY high to 228!!!!! I have always been a 170-180 type of gal! The TSH can do that too as I have learned from my Endocrinologist. He upped my Synthroid to 175 from 150. Hopefully that will help.

I am doing pretty well ... just bladder and some crazy numbness in the limbs (I sound like a tree).

I tried my new medication for bladder called "Gelnique" and I really like it. No dry mouth or skin stuff (like the patch). It's really easy and it seems to be calming my bladder down a little bit.

I had a pretty good exam and just a little INO in my right eye that made me see double when I was following his finger from left to right. A slight lag which I think has been there and comes and goes. Part of MS.

That's all she wrote ....
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