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Posted by Obrother76

Hi, my name is Ingrid.  I fell whilst walking in 2002 and further to knee pain and swelling was sent for a MRI scan where a tumor was discovered in my right distal femur bone.  I was sent in for a biopsy fearing chondrosarcoma and was diagnosed with enchondroma.  My orthopaedic surgeon suggested I have this tumor removed which was done by surgery and opening up a window in my bone and scraping the tumor out.  I was sent on regular xray checks every year and 6 years after surgery, a tumor popped up on xray.  I was sent in for a biopsy again and further surgery with bone graft as well as metal plate and screws put in last year in July 2009.  My first check 6 months later was clear.  After many months of limping and pain after surgery, I have been pain and limp free for the last 6 months or so, until about a month ago.  I have pain in my right femur (higher up) whenever I walk or put too much weight on leg.

Is there a possibility of another recurrence?  The pain feels like growing pains and I also feel it whilst at rest.  Should I have this checked out? 


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