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Posted Oct 22 2011 9:26pm

I just read this over at Yahoo Health’s “8 ‘Scary’ Food Myths – Busted!”  by David Zinczenko

Perhaps the biggest  nutrition  myth is that eggs are bad for your heart, a fact attributed to the cholesterol in the yolk. But here’s the truth: The dietary cholesterol found in eggs actually has little effect on the amount of cholesterol in your blood. When it comes to increasing LDL (“ bad cholesterol “), trans and saturated fats are the real culprits. The incredible, edible egg is actually an excellent, affordable source of protein and B vitamins, and it may help you lose weight. A 2008 study in the International Journal of  Obesity  found that dieters who consumed two eggs for breakfast each day lost significantly more weight than those who consumed bagels.”

I have heard from several sources about the wonderful value of eggs as a source of protein and how our fear of them is very misleading. So, continue to do your research and consider using eggs in your blended meals recipes, like this one! 

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