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Eating to Live on the Outside: Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant

Posted Feb 18 2009 12:02pm

Happy Saturday! Hopefully everyone slept in a little. Now, time for Eating to Live on the Outside. And today, via the powers of the internet, we’re head to Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant in Hollywood, Florida. And like many Ethiopian restaurants, it looks good!

Sheba’s menu gives you plenty to choose from and a lot of it is very veggie centered. So, here’s a bunch of things I might order, take a look:


  • Whole string beans sautéed with parsley, ginger, garlic and cumin; sautéing isn’t great, the oil ruins it.

Fit Fit Salad

  • Chopped tomatoes, onions, jalapeno peppers, Ethiopian spices and morsels of injara; injara is a kind of bread, so it’s a little iffy.

Cape Town

  • Curried vegetable stewed in a wrap; can’t beat veggies!

Mesir Azefah

  • Green lentils, onions, jalapeno peppers, ginger, white pepper and mustard seeds; looks cool.

Atakilt Wat

  • String beans, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, sautéed onions, garlic, ginger and tomatoes; same deal with the sautéing.

Shiro Wat

  • Pureed split peas with Ethiopian spices; pretty simple, sounds good.

Gomen Wat

  • Sautéed collard greens with onions, garlic, tomatoes and Ethiopian spices; hooray for collard greens!

Kik Alicha

  • Yellow split peas, green peppers, onions and Ethiopian herbs; I dig it!

Mesir Wat

  • Lentils cooked with onions, garlic, ginger, olive oil and berbere sauce; looks tasty.


  • Ethiopian fava beans cooked with tomatoes, onions, hot green peppers, special spices and served with olive oil; just go easy on the oil.


  • Lemon, mango, passion fruit or pineapple; might be a nice treat, as long as they are dairy-free.

Ethiopian food always seems to be very veggie friendly and Sheba is a good choice! Here are my picks. I’d probably order the Ful or the Gomen Wat. Again, I always look for something with greens.

Now, there are some fish dishes you can try, but with all those veggies, why worry about mercury! Okay, your turn. What do you like? Flip through Sheba’s menu and give me your picks. Peace.

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