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Eating in the Absence of Hunger: Solutions II

Posted Nov 30 2011 7:02pm

Here's another possible solution to eating in the absence of hunger, though I haven't had time to check it out.  I will just repost the abstract:

"It is hypothesised that eating is regulated when eating pleasure fulfills (and thus extinguishes) the desire to eat and that eating pleasure is maximised when eating is prompted by an Empty Hollow Sensation (EHS). Absent, unrecognised, misinterpreted or false hunger sensations may account for non-regulated eating in many so-called normal eaters, not only in anorexic or obese people. As a regime in which the EHS is present before most meals, the EHS Meal Pattern (EHSMP) is suggested. Existing evidence to support its efficacy is reviewed. Obesity, diabetes and heart disease are among a range of conditions associated with excessive caloric intake owing to poorly regulated eating. If upheld, the EHSMP could assist people to maintain their own well being and could help to prevent and treat some of the major scourges of Western society."

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