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Eating Healthy, Living Healthy: Welcome to Day Three

Posted Aug 11 2011 12:00am

Hi there and welcome to day three of my case study called Eating Healthy, Living Healthy and I’m not quite sure exactly why, but I really am feeling pretty good this morning.

I left an update late last night in my journal , so you might want to take a look there at what I had to say there.

Today is starting off really well, as I’m enjoying a bowl of cereal, my second small cup of coffee , and I getting ready for the second round of meds that I usually ingest around this time, which will be my dose of prednisone, which will be 12mgs.

What was the first round you ask, well that was my prevacid and neurontin caps.

I’ve already found that breaking up taking these meds seems to make things a bit more tolerable for me.

So, as I said earlier this week I have come across a company named which produces a very tasty Aloe Vera drink that is available in a few different flavors and they are available in the area where I live in Orange County NY.

And as I said earlier this week, tomorrow I get a chance to sit down with one of the company reps and talk a little Aloe Juice…and yes I excited about it too.

I’m really looking forward to speaking to them about this unique product.

So onto last night’s dinner.

First I should preface this dinner menu tale by saying that my wife and I got a late start heading to the local Shoprite to go grocery shopping yesterday, so when all was said and done, it was very much after 5 in the afternoon when we were beginning  to cook our dinner meal. So the meal consisted of a nice salad whose pic you can view below, along with some fresh local grown corn on the cob, and the not so healthy part of the meal was the “pulled pork” sandwiches (I had two, thank you) courtesy of Lloyds Barbeque company .

They were yummie thank you!

Listen, while we all strive to live  a healthy lifestyle, the food that we eat is a very large part of that equation and while we need to watch what we eat, the portions, and just how often we eat a meal, we should be able to enjoy it also.

A healthy dinner salad

So that salad has a few things in it including some things that my daughter and my dad got me to try. The salad consists of fresh Baby Spinach, Scallions, sliced Carrots and local grown Squash.

My daughter and my wife got me into trying the fresh spinach and the squash, the scallions are courtesy of my dad (thanks dad, where ever you and mom are) and the carrots well I’ve always enjoyed those.

I really like the addition of the squash instead of adding cucumber sometimes. I find that cucumbers tend to give me problems with my acid reflux issues so I try to eat that in moderation.

Well, I guess it’s time to end this one, but tonight I’ll have a few pics taken of the next meal, which will be seafood…yum!



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Copyright 2011 Lew Newmark: My Domestic Life

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