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Eating Disorder Not otherwise specified treatment considerations

Posted Nov 24 2009 10:01pm
ED NOS Treatment Considerations

ED NOS Treatment Considerations

Hi Dr. Ben,
My daughter has an eating disorder (ED NOS). She is under the care of a physician and therapist. She really loves the Biogenesis chocolate mint bars. I’m wondering if she eats one for a meal if she is getting a reasonable amount of nutrition in your opinion?
Thanks from a concerned Mom

Hi Juliet -

Sorry to hear about your daughter’s eating disorder. I am glad she is under team care.

The Chocolate Mint bars by Biogenesis are a great source of B vitamins and some trace minerals along with some protein and healthy fats. So, for someone with an eating disorder, these bars a are decent meal.

However, ideally, we could potentially improve this if she mixes a scoop of Whey Protein powder in a glass of water (if she is not vegetarian).

Biogenesis Whey Protein has all 12 amino acids which she needs. If you could get an excellent tasting Whey Protein Powder in her along with the Chocolate Mint energy bars, then you would have one step closer to more complete nutrition.

The Whey Protein Vanilla is exceptionally good. She can mix it in almond milk, rice milk, or plain filtered water.

Given that the Whey Protein Vanilla tastes very good, I believe she may accept it. It is fast to prepare and is not a dense heavy meal - yet it is nutritious.

If there is other information you would like from me, do ask.

I wish the best for your daughter.

In health,
Dr Ben

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