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Eating Cheese is Good for Teeth!

Posted Mar 16 2011 6:56pm

Eating cheese may not be the best thing for your waistline but the good news is that it can help us have healthy teeth!

It appears that there is an extensive body of research to substantiate

the claim that eating cheese can contribute towards dental health by acting to prevent or delay tooth decay.

Cheese contains alkali & eating it causes an increase in saliva which neutralises acid. Eating even a small bit of cheese after a meal can really help to combat acid erosion by neutralising acid left by some of the foods you may have eaten. Fizzy drinks, fresh fruit juice, cakes& biscuits are all particularly acidic so eating cheese after consuming any of these would be particularly effective.

Eating cheese has also been shown to actually harden tooth enamel & eating cheese as part of a meal increases the concentration of calcium in dental plaque which stops demineralisation & it is this that is thought to contribute to the prevention of tooth decay.

Some cheeses are thought to be more effective with some making little impact. Cheddar is thought to be best as it has the highest levels of alkali, while soft cheeses like feta or brie really won’t make much difference at all.

It is also thought that some cheeses contain a certain sort of bacteria which discourage the bacteria considered to be more harmful for teeth. Here again – as a rule - hard cheese comes out on top. In addition the fat in cheese also reduces the amount of bacteria on the surface of the teeth.

So while it is by no means being suggested that eating cheese is a substitute for dental hygiene – including regular brushing – it is a quick & easy way to improve the health of our teeth, & as it only needs to be a very small amount maybe it won’t be so bad on the waistline after all!

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