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Eat Fish With Less Worry: Go to Fish4Health

Posted Aug 27 2009 11:36pm

Sadly, many of us today are worried about the possible downsides of eating fish, especially pregnant or nursing women.

After all, some fish are literal depots for the bad chemicals we’ve been dumping in the oceans.  It’s a serious problem because  we also know that eating fish can be good for us. Since motherhood carries so many anxieties with it already, couldn’t we just get some peace over the eating fish thing? FISHiPod

KaBLOOM!  Your wish is answered.  Now there is a site that addresses this dilemma: Fish For Health.

State by state, Fish for Health lists the seafood-related advisories you need to be aware of.  It also tells you the nutritional benefits of particular fish, provides details about the specific contaminants that you need to be worried about, and to top it all off, there is a priceless video on how to clean fish.

The site was created by a group at Purdue University that does research on this very topic:  What should you tell pregnant and nursing women about how much and what seafood they should/can eat?

There is also a wallet card with key info that you can print out, or an iPhone application you can download.

Now, if you’re looking for recipes for cooking up that fish, try : LandBigFishFishRecipes, or if you want something on the lighter side: CookingLight20SuperFastFishRecipes.

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