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Earthing: The Overlooked Electroceutical - Videos & Give-Away!

Posted Nov 18 2010 8:47pm
Last summer, my friend Kim Kooyers sent me a link to The Earthing Institute , an organization that espouses the idea that we receive a basic and profound health benefit by being in contact with the ground. I thought it made sense. It's true that we've been insulated from the earth's energy since switching to rubber footwear in the 1960s.

If anyone had told me then that a couple months of earthing would diminish my 14-year-long headache, make me think clearer, increase my energy, and restore my sleep after 8 years of relentless insomnia, I would have been hugely skeptical. All these things have actually happened since I began earthing. Aside from going gluten-free in 1999, nothing else has boosted my health so dramatically and rapidly.

However, I'm a data pervert and compulsive researcher, so I know I'm just an anecdote and would never write a blog post based only on my personal experience. My readers know me better than that!

I learned about some of the research supporting earthing's health benefits when I and 999 other attendees at the David Wolfe Longevity Now Conference got earthed in a hotel basement via conductive wrist bands. That was the first day my 14-year headache - a symptom of long-term untreated Lyme Disease - felt a bit better. Probably a placebo effect, I thought. That night, I slept with the earthing band around my foot in the K1 acupuncture spot. I slept better than normal, especially for being in a hotel.

I've since learned that earthing may indeed be the "Most Important Health Discovery Ever" as suggested by the subtitle of Earthing , the ground-breaking (pun - ha) book by Clint Ober and Stephen Sinatra MD. From reduced inflammation to pain reduction to better sleep to thyroid regulation to cortisol normalization to blood thinning, and more, earthing IS THAT POWERFUL. And, early studies back that up.

I was so excited with my personal experience and impressed enough with the early research on the health benefits that I made a two-part video to share everything I've learned about earthing so far.

I've talked with Clint Ober, the man credited with discovering earthing and validating its health benefits. He was kind enough to send me some earthing kits, one of which - a $39 body band kit - I'm giving away here at Med Nauseam. One winner will be selected from any new Feed Burner subscribers who subscribe to my blog between today and Monday, November 22nd. ( See the upper right of my blog for the Subscribe Box .)

I hope you enjoy my two-part video series. It's already enjoying lots of action over at Natural News TV!

( Email subscribers, click here to view the videos .)

Part 1 of 2

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Part 2 of 2

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