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Ear Infections

Posted Aug 31 2010 2:06pm

Ear infections are one of the most common illnesses of young children.  What if I told you there is a way to prevent them as well as treat them without drugs, tubes, or surgery?  First we will start off with a picture from, thank you for the picture!

Basically what the purpose of this picture is to get you orientated to the ear canal.  Most ear problems are classified as an “infection”.  However, I disagree with this assessment and lack of clinical data to show that actual infections exist.  Also, the American Academy of Pediatrics states the use of antibiotics for ear infections should only come after other measures have been tried.  It is the fourth recommendation on their list.  In fact, antibiotics for ear infections have guidelines set fourth and if the child does not respond they should be re-evaluated to see if it is an actual infection.

The one thing the American Academy of Pediatrics does not include is the roll of the atlas in ear infections.  Because a young child has eustachian tubes that are horizontal, instead of vertical like adults, fluid can collect easier.  An upper cervical subluxation, or atlas bone, can literally reduce the amount of room for the eustachian tube to flow fluid out properly.  Adjustments of this bone provide relief for current ear infections and prevention for further ear infections.  If prevention is the key to health than getting children adjusted at a young age is key to proper nerve function and prevention of ear infections.

Here is a picture of the upper cervical spine, the neck, and how close in proximity the ear canal is to the first bone below the skull!  Thank you to for the image of the cervical spine!

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