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Dupuytren's Contracture

Posted by kayellen

I was diagnosed with DC, (Dupuytren's Contracture),  last year and wonder if it can affect the tendons in the arm and up to the shoulder as well. I have been having sharp stabbing pains when holding a coffee cup. I can lift the cup but before i can reach a 45 degree angle i have a shap pain the shoots from my hand into my bicep and times i completely lose my grip and must grab the cup with my other hand to prevent it from falling or spilling. It can be very painful and i have to restrict myself in using this arm (dominant) for several days in order to gain relief.

Even though DC is prodominatly a male disease I am family history of DC either.

So can Dupuytren's also affect the tendons in the forarm, bicep and shoulder?




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I have dc and did hear that frozon sholder and diabetic are linked to it.both are also linked to high blood glucose levels.  vitimen b6 and magnesium cloride is mentioned to help.

im using mg cloride oil spray and my hands, plus taking vit b6 and mag cloride tablets.

its earley days. mg cloride oil spray is also great for joints bones and frozon sholder when sprayed onto the areas.




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