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DRX9000c: Alternative Treatment For Severe Neck Pain

Posted Jul 21 2008 10:08am

Md_news_photos_010 It's easy to get caught up in a vicious neck pain cycle. Here's a scenario that's not that uncommon:

You are a young, up and coming professional...grinding out long hours at your new corporate job in the SF Financial District. You start having neck pain, and it gets really bad. You work through it and hope it goes away...because the last thing you want to do is miss any work.

Then, you start to get pain down the arm and headaches...what's going on here? Now you are taking pain pills just to get through the day. You go to the doctor on Saturday because it's the only time you can get away. They do an MRI and find out you have a herniated disc in your neck that's really bad...they want to do neck surgery. think...I'm 25 years old, what's going on? Neck surgery...I'm going to have to miss work and lose income...not to mention lose my momentum moving up the corporate ladder. I can't work out...I'm taking these pain pills every day...this is getting ugly. I don't have time for neck surgery...I don't want neck surgery...there's no way I will have neck surgery.

Well...this is a scenario that I have helped resolve on several occasions at my SF Financial District Spinal Decompression Center. I have a machine called the DRX9000c that treats cervical disc herniations without can do it on your lunch break.   

What I can't do is make it a priority...that has to be done by YOU. I can facilitate the process and often times bend over backwards to make sure that you are able to get your sessions done.

But, it only works if YOU have the desire to get better. Often times this means putting your life around the treatment for the 5-6 weeks that it takes to get the job done. The sessions are 30 minutes on the table, the 10 minutes of ice and muscle stimulation. We reserve the DRX9000c for as long as you are on-time (we run a tight ship)...we will get you on the DRX9000c right at your apt. time.

The beauty of non-surgical cervical spinal decompression is that for the most can continue to do most of your daily activities...including long as it is a desk job. Yes, there is home care, and you cannot exercise for the first 2 weeks...but most of you cant exercise anyway.

So...if you are serious about getting the herniated disc in your neck fixed...and you are ready to make your health a priority...we would like to meet with you.

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