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Dr Feelgood.......and we're not talking Motley Crue

Posted Oct 23 2008 1:20pm
Big-n-Tasty has a nice little bit over at Fast Food Pharmacy that addresses the issue of Americans needing instant gratification and how the solution to all of your problems should come in the form of a little pill. I have to say that I agree with Big-n-Tasty totally.

But I think there is more to the issue. Why are we a nation that thinks happiness is a short trip to the pharmacy away? I think that the simple answer is the best insurance. Think about it. Before the introduction of health insurance plans and Medicaid, people only went to the doctor for a yearly check-up or if they were sick-sick. People paid the full price for their health care, so they were more cautious with their money.

Then along came the insurance plans. Pay $10 to see your doc and the plan will pay the rest. Pay $5 for your meds and the plan will pay the rest. The patient who used to pay $25 for one script can now get 5 drugs for the same price. What's the incentive to try to stay healthy on your own when the copays are so low?

Add in the effect of direct-to-consumer advertising and now we have the gotta-feel-good-now patient. If the Z-pak doesn't start working within 6 hours of the first dose, call the doc to get something better, it's only another $5 copay. Sneezing too much, got watery can be fixed for a small copay.

In the town where Pharmacy God works, the people don't know how well they have it. The city employees pay $12 for 3 months of brand and $3 for 3 months of generic thru the local pharmacy. The local chemical plant is a buck per rx. The local schools have it the best though. The employees have a $200 yearly deductible per family member/$600 family deductible and then they have 100% coverage for the entire year. And this is medical and prescription combined. I have people who have 100% coverage by January 10. Wonder who the people are who call the doctor for a scratched toenail? I think some Vicodin and Xanax will help.

I can only imagine what it will be like if some sort of universal health-care plan gets approved by Congress. Think it's bad now with all of the drug seekers... add the supposed 45 million uninsured to some sort of health plan and we'll really see how much of a feel-good-now society we really are.
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