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Dr. Buttar

Posted Sep 14 2008 8:02pm

My cell phone rang this afternoon and I didn't recognize the number. Normally, I always let these calls go to voice mail, but I decided to answer this one for some reason. Imagine my surprise when on the other line was Dr. Rashid Buttar!

(I write about him and his protocol for curing Autism in my book and we have several articles posted about him on Jigsaw Health. This doc GETS IT!)

Dr. Buttar called because in March, as a courtesy, I had sent him a manuscript of my book with post-it notes showing where I mentioned him.

When we spoke today, he told me that he was very impressed with the book and the Jigsaw Health website. He told me he called because he was happy to see I was doing something to promote the cause. I was flattered really.

Since I had him on the phone, I also talked to him a bit about my TD DMPS treatment and a recent TD DMPS provocation test that showed elevated amounts of arsenic and less so of mercury. He said it was very common to see higher levels of arsenic and other metals coming out before mercury. He said that when arsenic drops, I would see the level of mercury rise. Dr. Buttar said I would likely have to use TD DMPS for 6 to 12 months. He said that this is especially true since my genotype for the excretion of metals is APOe3 and 4 which is the same for his son. His son had autism but now has been cured using TD DMPS.

Regardless, it really made my day to hear from someone whom I highly respect. Thank you for the phone call Dr. Buttar and keep up the great work!

(By the way, in my book is a picture of a DMPS provocation test from 2002. It is now on


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