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Does Theodent toothpaste really rebuild tooth enamel with chocolate?

Posted May 30 2013 2:01am

Post image for Does Theodent toothpaste really rebuild tooth enamel with chocolate?

Yontzen says…Theodent toothpaste claims it rebuilds enamel and that its main ingredient is sourced from chocolate. Is this true? Help!

The Beauty Brains respond:

Theodent certainly contains a chocolatey derivative but does it really work? For answers we turn to our newfound kindred spirit Chris Woolston, a writer for the LA Times who pens a column called “The Healthy Skeptic.” Chris specializes in answering questions about health and beauty products just like we do! Case in point, see Chris’ column “ Keeping the cavities away with fluoride-free toothpaste ” from February 2012 which talks about Theodent.

As everyone knows, fluoride is a proven cavity fighter that works by strengthening tooth enamel. The proponents of Theodent say that it contains a cocoa extract that is not only safer than fluoride but also more effective. This new anti-cavity cocoa-crusader is called “Rennou.”

According to Rennou’s inventor (discoverer?), Arman Sadeghpour, it works by boosting the growth of natural crystals in tooth enamel which increases tooth hardness more effectively than fluoride. However, the research he has done to prove these claims apparently is yet to be published. A second study that could help establish the efficacy of this cocoa extract is slated was recently published in the dental journal, Caries Research . This study, done by an associate professor of dentistry, shows Rennou does indeed harden enamel. According to Chris’ article, this was a small study done on real teeth in an artificial mouth. It certainly seems promising although the researcher calls for further human clinical studies.

An independent study shows that Rennou really works but more studies are called for. In the meantime you can take some solace in the fact that the FDA says the ingredients in Theodent are GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe.) Now if only it tasted like chocolate. (Actually, they’ve just launched a kid’s version that does taste like chocolate!)

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