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Does the Flu Shot Work? Not according to Customer Service

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:44pm
Take a listen to this 2 minute recording of a call to a vaccine manufacturer's customer service rep. I was laughing out loud. As the phone rep says, the flu vaccine has never been proven effective, and at the end of the call, the rep even admits she doesn't get an annual flu shot. I have no idea who placed the call, who recorded it or who the vaccine manufacturer is, but I'm posting this for entertainment value. (Email subscribers, please click on the title link to listen to the audio.)

The NIH and Cochrane Group have independently come to the conclusion that flu vaccine is not effective in the elderly. CBS news reported on the findings here. The Cochrane Group analyzed all flu vaccine studies and found that on average, the flu vaccine will not prevent you from getting the flu, but if you do get one of the strains you were vaccinated for, you'll have the flu for 4 hours less than you would have without the flu shot. Yes, I said 4 hours. The Cochrane group even looks at sub-groups such as children under two and asthmatics and found the flu vaccine to be as effective as placebo. E.g. not effective.

And, please if you still want to get a flu vaccine, insist on the mercury-free version. You have to be 550 pounds to excrete the 25 micrograms of mercury in a mercury-containing flu shot. Where does the rest of it go? Your brain, liver, and kidneys. Here is Safe Mind's flu vaccine brochure in case you missed it.

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