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Does sinus infection cause chest infection a long with a bladder infection?

Posted by Jackie

I've been fighting a cold (allergies) the last 3 weeks and went to the dr. (1-17-2011) my blood pressure was a little high 138/98(my blood pressure normally reads 117/80) and I have a sinus infection, my chest, back, and arms down to my elbows and arm pits hurts everytime I cough... which is when I talk, walk or just move. I dont cough up anything it just seems like I get short of breath and then I cough. My urine burns and I'm urinating more often. Could the infection travel to my chest then to my bladder?  The only medicine I'm taking right now is Amoxicillan and Tylenol for the headaches. Thank you so much for your help.     
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