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Does my urina strong smell indicate a medical condition?

Posted by anonymous

I have issues with my urina. It is the second time this happens to me. There  is noway I can get rid os the smell, I tried eve feminine wash on my self, vinegar and oxygenated water. When it get incidentally on my cloths and I wash and dry them, it becomes a real plague for the entire appartment. I don't know what to do to avoid this situation once and for all. I wondered if it might be related to a medical condition because I had incidents like the ones I describe here, but a simple wash was always fine before. Now I think the smell is unnaturally strong. I had troubles with my roomates about this. I am 25 and overwheight, feel always tired and sleepy, I have irregular periods and I am not under medication. May be you know about specialised products I might use.

Thank you for your help.



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