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Does Exfoliation Remove Sunless Tanners?

Posted Jun 05 2010 11:01pm

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Elle asks…I love to exfoliate and use face masks (not at the same time of course) and was wondering if using masks and exfoliators will counteract using a gradual self tanner on my face. It seems like as soon as I exfoliate, even if a day or two later, it would remove some of the self tanner I had applied, especially if it is of the gradual variety? What’s your take, should I ditch the self-tanner?

The Right Brain comments:
Good catch, Elle. Exfoliating does indeed remove the surface layers of skin that are darkened by self tanners. In fact, one of the tests used in this industry to show how well an exfoliater works is to stain the skin with a self tanner and then use a color measuring instrument to show that skin color gets lighter as it’s exfoliated.

Now, depending on how much you’re scrubbing your skin and how much you’re self tanning, you may or may not notice a difference. But in theory, it is a problem.

Exfoliating does counteract self-tanning to some degree but you may be able to experiment and find the balance that’s right for you.

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