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Does Coconut Oil Fade Hair Color?

Posted Oct 08 2012 10:54am

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CYW asks…I have been pre-pooing my hair with coconut oil for several months. I recently read an article that mentioned coconut oil’s ability to remove dye from hair. I’m questioning whether this is true and if so, just how does the oil removes hair dye. Finally, are you aware of another oil I can use that won’t cause my dye to fade?

The Right Brain responds:

Thanks for a very interesting question! We’ve blogged a lot about the benefits of using coconut oil because it can penetrate into the cortex of your hair where it can help strengthen and protect it. But does that cause any problems for haircolor retention?

We’ve never seen any specific test data on coconut oil affecting haircolor but we do know that shampooing and rinsing is the main reason that haircolor fades.  Therefore, just putting oil on your hair shouldn’t cause the dye removal. But since coconut oil penetrates deeply into your hair it could help “loosen” the dye molecules and make them easier for the shampoo/water combination to remove.

You could try other oils that don’t penetrate the hair as much, like mineral oil. They may cause less color loss but they also won’t provide the same strengthening benefit as coconut oil. So which would you rather have: great-looking hair with some faded color or great haircolor with more damaged hair?

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