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Doctor Blog--Hurricane Ike

Posted Sep 12 2008 9:03pm

As many of my readers know, I work with the Red Cross.  I have spent the last
several days receiving and sending messages to and from our dedicated staff
and volunteers as we prepare for the challenge that Ike brings.

[Image of probabilities of hurricane force winds]

Shelters have been set up, there will likely be some medical triage and care to do
this weekend, food and water is being dispatched, and being "on call" for disaster.

Hotels are full in towns all across Texas as those who had the opportunity to leave,
evacuated their homes.  I hope Houston did not make a grave error in judgement
in deciding to evacuate only certain areas of their city.  And, there are a few people
who stayed on Galveston Island to "ride out the storm".  It appears those souls may
end up with houses that are house boats before it is said and done. 

I know a number of families who are either housing evacuees or expect to house
family or friends on their way out earlier in the day.  

I'll try to keep you posted on what the weekend brings.

This feels like Hurricane Katrina/Rita (as our Red Cross personnel named the two
back to back hurricanes when they hit so close together) which means we'll all go
without sleep over the next few days.

My stethoscope and running shoes............yup, they're ready.

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